Worship with us

Due to the current Coronavirus pandemic, all in-person services have been temporarily halted. St. John’s offers a virtual Sunday Morning Prayer service at 10:30am. Additionally, St. John’s is offering boxed meals on Wednesday evenings and Sunday afternoons.

Wednesday evening His Place services have been canceled, but we’re still providing boxed meals from the corner of Avondale and Town Street at 6pm.

For morning prayer and a boxed lunch, we’re still gathering at the corner of Broad Street and Central Ave at 1PM for Street Church.

Join us (virtually!)

If you’re interested in participating in our Virtual Sunday Morning Prayer Service, please provide your name and email below. We’ll forward along the Zoom invitation.

In a community that faces many challenges, we try to model health and wellness, spiritually and physically.

In response to high rates of diabetes, high blood pressure and obesity, our Healthy Communities Initiative focuses on providing healthy food choices at all of our gatherings, attempting to eliminate foods high in sugar, salt, and preservatives.

In response to high rates of poverty, unemployment, and alcohol and drug addiction, St. John’s engages in grassroots community development efforts to identify community assets and plan for future development.

In response to systemic injustice, we participate in a number of advocacy initiatives, especially in the areas of environmental concerns, child poverty, human trafficking, and hunger.

Join us!