About us

St. John’s was founded in 1873 as a Mission of Trinity Episcopal Church in downtown Columbus. The oldest section of our current building was built at the corner of W. Town St. and Avondale Ave. in 1901, with the “new” sanctuary consecrated in 1915, shortly after the devastating flood of 1913. The congregation survived another major flood in 1959 and has always been an active partner in the Franklinton community.

We strive to be fully engaged in the community through worship, service, and relationship. We do not do “outreach”; everything we do reaches out into the larger community and invites the community into the life of the congregation.

In a community that faces many challenges, we try to model health and wellness, spiritually and physically.

  • In response to high rates of diabetes, high blood pressure and obesity, our Healthy Communities Initiative focuses on providing healthy food choices at all of our gatherings. We are attempting to eliminate foods high in sugar, salt, and preservatives, while encouraging fresh fruits and vegetable, whole grains, and water as the beverage of choice. Our Healthy Foods Guidelines can be found here.
  • In response to high rates of poverty, unemployment, and alcohol and drug addiction, St. John’s engages in grassroots community development efforts to identify community assets and plan for future development.
  • In response to systemic injustice, we participate in a number of advocacy initiatives, especially in the areas of environmental concerns, child poverty, human trafficking, and hunger.